Mizrahi Music - Sephardic Music (Mizrahit)

  • Mizrahi Singers

    Famous Mizrahi singers in Israel are Eyal Golan, Shlomi Shabat, Haim Moshe, Shimi Tavory and sarit hadad.

    Yosi (Saffi) Levy is a popular sepharadic mizrahi singer in Los Angeles, California.

    One of the first mizrahi bands in Israel was The Oud Band.  This days most singers operate as soloist singers rather than a band.

    Habreira Htiviit (Natural Choice) in Israel play Mizrahi and World music.

    A popular mizrahi band in Los Angeles,  is The Sabras Band. The band play Israeli mizrahi & sephardic music.

    FOR MIZRAHI MUSIC SAMPLES visit The Sabras site at   www.sabras.com - or - www.sabrasband.com

    Also - Yosi Saffi Levy -  www.saffilevy.com

    FOR BELLY DANCERS visit:  www.labellydancer.com

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